Ralph Hemingray cigarette story


Publication: The Muncie Star

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 76, no. 299, p. 6, col. 3

Seen and Heard in

Our Neighborhood

By Dick Greene

ALONG THE WAY I SEE . . . Mark D. Garrett, who spent a good part of his life as a printer for The Muncie Star and now is living in retirement. As we stopped to chat, Mark drew his smoking tobacco from his pocket, produced cigaret [sic] cigarette paper and niftily rolled a cigaret [sic] cigarette while I watched the process with interest.




"I thought that was a lost art," I commented.

"No.” Mark replied, “lots of men can make a cigaret [sic] cigarette I knew one who could roll a cigaret [sic] cigarette with one hand and do a good job of it He was Ralph Hemingray of the Hemingray Glass Company."

"And, say," Mark added. "I'll tell you another thing: Did you know the council once passed an ordinance making it unlawful to smoke a cigaret [sic] cigarette on the streets of Muncie? It’s a fact. They did.

"Ralph Hemingray went right down to City Hall and smoked and he told the council he’d move his factory from town if they didn’t repeal that ordinance. And the council did."



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