Glassmen Honored at Muncie; Harry A. McDonald of Owens-Illinois/Hemingray has longest service record

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Industry

New York, NY, United States
vol. 19, no. 6, p. 229, col. 1-2


More than four hundred people paid tribute to the glass industries of Central Eastern Indiana at a banquet given March 18 by the Chamber of Commerce of Muncie. Particular honor was paid to three glassmen for long years of faithful service.

Harry A. McDonald holds the longest service record of employment among present day employees in the glass industry of that district, with 69 years to his credit. He entered the employ of the Hemingway [sic] Hemingray Glass Co. at Covington, Ky., in 1869 as a carry-in boy, and moved to Muncie with the company in 1888. He is now employed by the Hemingway [sic] Hemingray Division of the Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

Michael M. Menard has been employed by Ball Brothers Co. since February 1, 1887, when he started work as a glass gatherer. In all that time, he left the company only twice; once for a three-month period and at another time for four months.

Elza DeWitt holds the record for the longest continuous service record of employment with one company, 49 years. He started with Ball Brothers at Muncie on March 12, 1889 as a helper on pot furnaces and has never received a pay check from any other company in his entire life.

The accompanying illustration taken at the banquet shows many well-known glassmen at the speakers table, including E. Arthur Ball, treasurer of Ball Brothers Co; W. J. Mathews, manager of the Sterling Glass Co., Lapel; Harry McDonald, assistant treasurer. Hart Glass Co; Carl H. Smith, plant manager, Owens-Illinois Glass Co., I & S Products Division; F. L. Paul, vice-president and general manager, Canton Glass Co; Charles O. Grafton, general manager. Gill Clay Pot Co; Thomas Collins, manager, Owens-Illinois Glass Co., Gas City; Charles L. Gaunt, president, Indiana Glass Co; Frank C. Ball, president, Ball Brothers Co; J. M. Foster, president, Foster-Forbes Glass Co; T. C. Werbe, president. Lynch Corporation; J. B. Hayes, chairman, Alton Plant Management Committee, Owens-Illinois Glass Co; C. P. Overmyer, president, Overmyer Mould Co; Paul Hershfield, general factories manager, Anchor-Hocking Glass Corp; Joseph Bartulis, assistant personnel director, Owens-Illinois Glass Co; J. C. Schwab, plant manager, Anchor-Hocking Glass Corp., Winchester; Elza DeWitt, Ball Brothers Co; Michel M. Menard, Ball Brothers Co; and Harry A. McDonald, Owens-Illinois Glass Co.


Annual Spring Dinner meeting of the Muncie Chamber of/Commerce, which paid tribute to the glass industries.
Annual Spring Dinner Meeting of the Muncie Chamber of
Commerce, Which Paid Tribute to the Glass Industries.



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