Harry McDowell (should be McDonald) has been employed by Hemingray for 62 years


Publication: The Muncie Morning Star

Muncie, IN, United States

Employed For 62 Years

By Local Glass Factory

Harry McDowell [sic] McDonald, 73

Hired as Carrying Boy

at Hemingray Plant

When Only Nine and Is

Still With Company.

By June Mull.

"HARD work hurts no one," in the opionion of Harry McDowell [sic] McDonald, 73, of 402 1/2 East Main street, who has been a factory employe since he was a boy of nine. For the past sixty-two years "Mack" has been on the payroll of the Hemingray Glass Company, which moved to Muncie in 1888 from Covington, Ky.

He began as a "carrying" boy, one of the crew who carry glass articles as they are made from the blowers to the annealing or "press" ovens. He became a blower himself, was at one time superitnendent of the Hemingray plant, and now, seventy-three years young, his is in charge of the office heating plant.

Beer Hastening Prosperity.

Shortly after bringing his family to the middle West, Mr. McDowell's [sic] McDonald's, father died and at the age of nine Harry McDowell [sic] McDonald was working in a glass factory. Two years later he was employed at the Hemingray plant in Covington, and evidently he has pleased the management. "I've liked working here," he says. "They've treated me nice and I consider that everything. That means more to me than money."


Harry {spell:McDowell:McDonald}
Harry {spell:McDowell:McDonald}


Talking to Mr. McDowell [sic] McDonald in the office building of the glass factory a display of glass bottles destined to contain 3.2 per cent beer prompted a question concerning the Eighteenth amendment. In the opinion of this seasoned factory worker the return of beer is doing more to hasten prosperity's next appearance than any other thing.

Enjoys Fishing Trips.

"I haven't been a drinking man for forty-three years," he says, "but I wouldn't go to the polls and vote to take away from others something they wanted. The evil in drinking lies in taking too much. I don't drink but I'm wet just the same. Beer is putting men back to work and I'm for it."

Harry McDowell [sic] McDonald was born in Ontario, Cal. He was one young man who came east. Having kept "Harry McDowell [sic] McDonald" on the same payroll for sixty-two years, being seventy-two, happy and healthy, he is to be considered a success.

And apropos of the statistics, there has been a Mrs. McDowell [sic] McDonald, for forty-four years. Fishing is "Mack's" favorite sport and it being "oke" with Mrs. Mack and the factory, he can enjoy a fishing trip with no worries to speak of. There may be wealthier men who haven't gotten any nearer the factory than clipping coupons who would be glad of a chance to trade places.

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