Foree Bain CD 144 and strain insulator

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Publication: Electrical Industries

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 2, no. 1, p. 9, col. 1-2

The New Bain Insulators.

Mr. Foree Bain, the well-known electrician, Chicago, has perfected other valuable devices for the improvement of electric service. This time it is insulators, of which cuts are presented herewith. In Fig. 1 is shown an insulator made extra strong and especially adapted to heavy work, such as carrying large primary wires, particularly feeder wires for electric railroad work. The corrugations, which are made both outside and inside of the apron, increase the distance from the wire to the pin fully one hundred per cent, and it is claimed that water will, in passing over the edges of the rings, become thin and broken, and on reaching the inside of the glass drop off rather than creep over the inner obstructions to the pin. Another point in favor of this form of insulator is that the many surfaces will reflect the light under the glass in such a way as to keep insects out, obviating a source of much annoyance where plain dark glass is employed.


Fig. 1 New Bain Insulators.


This insulator will cost a little more to manufacture than the ordinary plain glass insulator, but the inventor claims that a difference of a few cents per mile in the cost of construction will not be any objection where a high class of work is desired. Fig. 2 shows an insulator designed to take the place of other devices that have been used as break insulators. The new insulator is made of one piece of porcelain, carefully glazed, and is so simple as to require scarcely a word of explanation, while its great strength and perfect adaptability are sure to commend themselves to all practical construction men. This insulator will be found especially useful, also, for suspending arc lamps from iron cranes, insulating guy wires, and particularly for insulating span wires in electric railroad work. a way as to keep insects out, obviating a source of much annoyance where plain dark glass is employed.


Fig. 2 New Bain Insulators.


Mr. Bain has assigned his patents to the Central Electric Company, Chicago, who are now the sole owners, and by whom the articles are being placed upon the market.


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