Hemingray Glass Company - Covington, Kentucky

Annealing House Destroyed by Fire


Publication: The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati, OH, United States
vol. 48, no. 179, p. 6, col. 4

Glass House Destroyed.


The alarm of fire at 6 o'clock yesterday morning called the Department to the Hemingray Glass Works, at the corner of Second street and Madison avenue. Box 64 was sent in first, and the Hemingray box is No. 6, and this caused a little confusion but the Department arrived at the scene of the conflagration on good time, in spite of the two alarms. The fire was in the annealing furnace, and the Department had a hard time to confine the flames to that building, as the material was very combustible.

The entire building was destroyed, and nearly all the contents. The place was used for annealing insulators for electric poles, and the principal portion of the furnaces are rendered useless. There are about thirty barrels of insulators in and near the building and it is believed that they are destroyed. It took about two hours of hard work to put out the flames, and the loss will be in the neighborhood of $5,000, which is partly covered by insurance. It is supposed that the building caught fire from one of the ovens.


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