Iowa Electrical Assoc. Convention, Snyder-Hunt exploiting new knob insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 36, no. 17, p. 329, col. 3

Convention Notes.

One of the most welcome visitors at the Iowa electrical convention was C. W. E. Snyder of the Snyder-Hunt Company of Belle Plaine, Iowa. Mr. Snyder made a special trip to the convention to exploit his novel insulator knob, and met with remarkable and substantial success; he returned with a pocoket full of orders. Electrical people at the convention found his argument concerning the advantage of the knob, from its great economy, a strong one. The Snyder-Hunt Company is a dealer in electrical supplies, and within the last six months has gone quite extensively into the manufacturing of electrical specialties, of which the knob exploited in the convention is one. Mr. Snyder is looking forward to joining the national convention train going to the Denver convention in June.


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Researcher notes:The convention referred to is the Iowa Electrical Association convention.
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