The Redlands Imperial Porcelain Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Journal of Electricity, Power and Gas

San Francisco, CA, United States
vol. 13, no. 1, p. 113, col. 2



WITH further reference to the Redlands type of porcelain insulator so prominently referred to in the leading article of this issue of THE JOURNAL, as having been designed to meet the exacting requirements of that which was then (in 1898) the highest voltage, long distance transmission line in the world, it is worthy of note that, although the development of this insulator covered a comparatively short period of time, it has continued to give the very best of satisfaction on all transmission lines upon which it has been used. Prominent among these lines, other than the Santa Ana-Los Angeles transmission of The Edison Electric Company of Los Angeles, many be mentioned the following transmissions upon which the Redlands type Imperial porcelain insulator has been adopted and is used: Montana Power Company, Butte, Mont.; Utah Light and Power Company, Salt Lake City, Utah; Cascade Water Power Company, Cascade, B. C.; West Kootenay Light and Power Company, Rossland, B. C.; the Hamilton Electric Light and Cataract Power Company, Hamilton, Ontario; the Snoqualmie Falls Power Company, Seattle, Wash.; Hudson River Power Company, Mechanicsville, N. Y., and the Hudson River Electric Company, Glen Falls, N. Y.

The Redlands insulator was made by the Imperial Porcelain Works, of Trenton, N. H., from designs furnished through C. S. Knowles, of 7 Arch steet, Boston, who is the commercial representative of Imperial porcelain. Although Mr. Knowles has continued to advance space with every other manufacturer in the very changing work of insulator design, yet he is fully justified in pointing with pride to the fact that the Redlands type of insulator is such a thoroughly reliable and stable piece of construction that it is now regarded the world over as being the standard of its class. This leads to the inquiry, is not the quality of porcelain used in Redlands type insulators the vital factor in the success they have achieved?


Keywords:Redlands : Imperial Porcelain Works : U-746 : U-935 : Knowles
Researcher notes:U-935 Imperial was converted to U-746 to become the Redlands insulator. This was to make the crown stronger.
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