Robert Hemingray

Death Report From Cincinnati


Publication: The Muncie Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States


What a Cincinnati Paper Says of

the Veteran Glass Man.


In reporting the death of Robert Hemingray, the pioneer glass manufacturer, who died in Covington, Ky., Tuesday morning. A Covington correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial Tribune says:

Robert Hemingray, aged 79 years, one of Covington's oldest and most highly esteemed citizens, died yesterday morning at 5:45 o'clock at his residence, 215 Garrard avenue, after an illness of three weeks of heart trouble. Mr. Hemingray was born in Johnstown, Pa., in 1820. He came to Covington in 1847, and a year later started a small glass factory at the foot of Madison avenue on the bank of the Ohio river. The venture proved successful, and as the business increased the Hemingray glass works was enlarged until it became one of the largest in the country. The plant remained in Covington until about ten years ago, when it was removed to Muncie, Ind., owing to the advantages of the gas belt in Indiana. Mr. Hemingray retired from business a few years ago leaving his interests in the hands of his sons, who have been very successful. The plant is still in Muncie with the main office in this city. A widow and five grown children survive him. The daughters are Mrs. Shinkle, Mrs. W. H. Felix, of Lexington, and Messrs. Robert, Daniel, and Ralph Hemingray. The funeral will take from the family residence Thursday morning.

The news of the death shocked the many friends of the well known Hemingray family in this city, and they have the entire sympathy of all. As a result of the death, the Hemingray factory has not been at work and will not resume until after the funeral had been conducted today. Robert and Ralph Hemingray and their families together with John M. Gray and many employees in the factory, some of whom have been employed in the Hemingray factory for more than a score of years, will attend the funeral. Mr. Hemingray was regarded as the oldest living glass manufacturer.


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Researcher notes:Robert Hemingray and Ralph Gray started their "Gray and Hemingray Glass Works" in Cincinnati in 1848, not in Covington as reported here. The factory was not moved to Covington until 1852.
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