North Baltimore Bottle & Glass Company, Mr. Richardson was connected with the Hemingray Glass Company for a number of years

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Publication: Pottery & Glassware Reporter

Pittsburgh, PA, United States


THE NORTH BALTIMORE BOTTLE GLASS CO., started their works here last fall and had a very successful trade during the past season. Their factory building is 65x65 feet, of brick and frame and two stories high. It contains one 8-pot furnace. They have several additional buildings outside. They manufacture beer bottles, flasks, druggists bottles, carboys, fruit jars, etc. They employ from 75 to 80 hands. The officers are as follows: A. L. Pfau, president and treasurer; John J. Geghan, vice president; A. B. Waldo, secretary; and J. [sic] I. W. Richardson manager. Mr. Richardson was connected with the Hemingray Glass Co. for quite a number of years. The prospects are very good fot this enterprise and they look for a lively trade when the regular season opens.


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