Politics - City of Covington School Board

Ralph Gray Hemingray and Isaiah Wilson Richardson Appointed to Committees


Publication: The Daily Commonwealth

Covington, KY, United States
vol. V, no. 133, p. 4, col. 3

Monthly Meeting of the School



A regular session of the School Board was held last night, with a full quorum present, and President Ramsey in the chair.

The President announced his standing committees for the ensuing year as follows:

Public Buildings - J. L. Hackathorn, C. Daiss, G. W. Howell, J. B. Clark, I. W. Richardson.

School Organization - Val. P. Collins, O. A. Reynolds, J. B. Clark, Jos. Eudress, R. G. Hemingray.

Text Books - R. G. Hemingray, R. H. Bishop, James Gahan, T. G. Woods, J. S. Lyle.

Elections - James Gahan, Jos. Eudress, R. J. Wadoll, I. W. Richardson, T. G. Woods.

Salaries - R. H. Bishop, J. L. Hackathorn, I. W. Richardson, R. G. Hemingray, Val. P. Collins.

Local Trustees.

High School - President ex-officio, H. Bostwick, J. S. Lyle, I. W. Richardson, V. P. Collins, J. B. Clark.

Third District - I. W. Richardson, Jas Gahan, R. G. Hemingray, J. B. Clark, Jas. Eudress

Colored School - Jos. B. Clark, C. Deiss, R. G. Hemingray.


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