Isaiah Wilson Richardson

Obituary - Former Employee of Hemingray Glass Company

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 26, no. 1, p. 6, col. 1 - 2

Prominent Glass Man Dead.

Col. I. W. Richardson, Sr., who died last week in North Baltimore, O., was one of the oldest glass men in the United States. He was in the business in the early days, before the modern innovations, when furnaces were operated with wood as fuel, and pots were used exclusively.

For nearly a quarter of a century he was the general manager of the green glass department of the Hemingray glass works of Covington, Ky., in those days the largest plant west of the Allegheny mountains. However, upon the discovery of natural gas in northern Ohio, he associated himself in 1887 with A. L. Pfau, of Cincinnati, O., and together they organized the North Baltimore Bottle Co., which began business at North Baltimore, O.

In those days the pant was small, incorporating for $50,000 and employing perhaps but 65 or 70 hands. However, under the skillful management of the principals, this concern prospered from the beginning, adding to its force of employees from year to year.

In 1895, it was found that natural gas could no longer be had in sufficient quantities to operate in Ohio, and it was then decided to remove the plant and the business, which had grown to considerable proportions, to the Indiana gas field, locating at Albany, and later at Terre Haute. Mr. Richardson, who had served the company so actively, had now reached the zenith of his life, and determining to hand over to his sons the duties that are so exacting and trying in the successful management of the glass plants, he did not accompany the plant as a active partner, but continued to render the company his best advice, ripened by so many years of experience. He was an ideal employer.

Commanding in appearance, with his height of six feet and three inches, and large in physique, he was a great favorite among his employees and associates. As he was a large employer of labor, and as his experience had covered so many years, he indeed was a national character among the glass men, by whom his death is universally regretted. His duties, by reason of his connection with the North Baltimore Bottle Glass Co., were some years ago transmitted to his two sons, David C. and Isaiah W. Richardson, Jr., respectfully, the manager and secretary of the company, both of whom are well known in Terre Haute, Ind.


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