William Brookfield goes on vacation to Florida for six weeks, B.M. Downs will have charge in his absence

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Publication: China, Glass & Lamps

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Mr. William Brookfield, proprietor of the Bushwick Glass Works, Brooklyn, is a gentleman of many and varied interests, to all of which he devotes himself assiduously. He has been continuously busy of late and so decided on a little relaxation, which he has taken in a trip to Florida, where he will remain five or six weeks. Mr. B. M. Downs, who has been associated with Mr. Brookfield for the past ten years as general business manager, has full charge of the business during the latter's absence, and it could be in no better hands, as Mr. Downs stands deservedly high in the confidence of the trade and possess skill and efficiency in business second to none engaged in it.


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