Bertram M. Downs

Death Notice


Publication: The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati, OH, United States
p. 7, col. 1


DOWNS - Bertram M. Downs, beloved husband of Henrietta A. Downs, Tuesday, October 29, at his residence, 3517 Clifton av., in his 56th year. Funeral services at the late residence Thursday, October 31, at 3:30 p.m. Burial private. [New York and Chicago papers please copy.]

Keywords:Hemingray : Employees : Bertram M. Downs
Researcher notes:Bertram M. Downs was employed by Brookfield Glass Company and, later, by Hemingray Glass Company following his resigination in March 1912.
Supplemental information:Bertram M. Downs: Articles: 391, 437, 471, 489, 2656, 4345, 4640, 4641, 4873, 4975
Researcher:Glenn Drummond / Bob Stahr
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