Bertram M. Downs

The Society for Electrical Development


Publication: The New York Times

New York, NY, United States
p. 15


New Incorporation is Designed to

Extend the Public Use of Current.


ALBANY, Nov. 13. - The Society for Electrical Development, Inc., with principal office in New York City, was incorporated to-day to establish co-operative relations among the different electrical interests in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, with a view to increasing the use of electrical current by the public.

The Directors are Henry L. Doherty, New York; W. A. Laymen, Webster Groves, Mo.; L. A. Osborne, Pittsburgh; A. C. Einstein, St. Louis; J. E. Montague, Niagara Falls; F. C. Price, Salem, Mass.; Roger Scudder, Kirkwood, Mo.; W. E. Robertson, Buffalo; J. R. Crouse, Cleveland; Walter H. Johnson, Philadelphia; Gerard Swope, New Brunswick, N. J.; B. M. Downs, East Orange, N. J.; A. W. Burchard, Schenectady; G. H. Sanborn, Indianapolis; J. R. Strong, Short Hills, N. J.; F. N. Thorpe, Paterson, N. J.; Ernest McCleary, Detroit; Ernest Freeman, W. W. Lowe, and John F. Gilchrist, Chicago.

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Researcher notes:Bertram M. Downs was employed by Brookfield Glass Company and, later, by Hemingray Glass Company following his resigination in March 1912.
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